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Managing servers SUCKS.

Between security updates and code deployments, there’s a lot of upkeep.
And the more machines you have, the longer it takes to manage.
You might have heard about some tools like Chef, Puppet, Salt, and others.
But, there’s one tool that’s better than them all.

This tool is called “Ansible” and I’ll show you how to use it the right way.
No more wasting time SSH-ing into servers or copying and pasting IP addresses.
It’s time to automate your infrastructure.
You can be up and running with Ansible in an hour using my short, actionable instructions.

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This critical training shows you:

  • How to configure all of your servers with one command
  • Production-grade strategies and configurations
  • How to get servers to cooperate with one another
  • Security best-practices that you need to make sure you’re using!
  • How to deploy your web applications using Ansible

— Ryan

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